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How Do I Create A Unique Username for Instagram?

Instagram accounts today are not just about socializing with friends and family, they are much more than that. The amount of work that people put in their account is meticulous and everything aspect of it is well designed. This ranges from the Instagram account name to every post that one puts out into the world and much more. However, this brings us to the importance that Instagram usernames hold in the social media world. It is the first thing that someone notices with the profile pictures of the Instagram account. So, everyone who is on Instagram needs to put in thoughts and creativity into these account usernames. So, if you are also looking for the best Instagram names to get followers this is the correct place for you. 


What things should we keep in mind to get a good username?

In this section, we will let you know about the things that one should keep in mind to make a good creative username. So, follow these things to get good usernames for Instagram.

  1. First, it has to come from your heart, just think about the things that you like and resonate with you, make them into a username.
  2. Characters from TV shows and movies that might describe your personality can be molded and brought into the usernames. 
  3. Instagram sometimes requires you to add numbers to your username. So, a unique username for Instagram could be made just with interesting use of numbers. 
  4. These are some of the best usernames that you could find online;
  • @CuddleBear
  • @DealLooser
  • @TwinkleWinkle
  • @25thAngel
  • @CastBound
  • @TwinButterfly
  • @AxmenWoman
  • @SandSay
  • @MrsPrincess
  • @BornedBond

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How Do I Call An Extension Directly?

If you want to call a specific department or some person in a large organization, you are aware of how irritating this process could be, when you are forced to wade through a different series of voice menus. These systems complete with specific queries to the office.  Calling a number manned by an automated operator can get a person crazy. Almost the voice on the other end of the line lists your options at the speed of this stoner Neil deGrasse Tyson video. 

Below is a sly way to forgo the excruciating introduction and call an extension directly. 

1. For example, if you’re calling a friend at his company and his phone number is 234-5678. Your friend’s extension is 9101. Enter the generic number for the office.

2. Hold your figure on the button until a comma appears. This is in telephone speak as a pause.

3. Enter the extension and then tap the call button.

4. The comma you entered will guide your iPhone to call the main number first then pause until the other line picks up, and then dial the extension. It means you won’t have to listen to a robot voice useless list of options. 

How to Deactivate or Delete Your Kik Account Without Email?

In the race for instant messaging apps, a new app that is becoming very popular with teens is Kik Messenger. Known simply as Kik, it is a free instant messaging application available for iOS and Android devices. Like any other messaging app, it also lets you share videos, photos, files, GIFs, stickers, etc. with your friend. Despite providing all these features, there were also some privacy issues that led many people to wonder how to delete Kik accounts without email due to many security reasons.

It is very easy to create an account in this application that only requires your email address, date of birth and name, however, deleting the account can be a bit confusing as there are two types of deletion by which you can delete kik account, temporary and permanent deletion.

Temporary Deletion: By doing this deletion, you will not get any KiK messages and your name from the contact list will be deleted. Although, you can still activate your account and can recover all your data.

Permanent Deletion: Through this deletion, you won’t receive any messages and your name will be deleted from the Kik search results and your contact, however, you can never recover your old account once after knowing and performing how to deactivate Kik account permanently.

Permanently Deleting KiK Account

Following are the steps by which you can permanently delete your KiK account:


First, you have to go to the Kik deactivation website.

1. There, the form will appear which you have to fill in order to get your account deleted.

2. Enter your email ID and username, which are used while making a KiK account, in their respective fields.

3. From the list provided, choose the most appropriate reason for your account deletion.

4. Under the GO button, check the option present there.

5. Now, click on the GO button.

6. Now, you will receive an email, where you have to click on “Permanently Deactivate”, click on it and follow the onscreen instructions.

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Beautiful Ramadan Status For Whatsapp & FB DP In English

Ramadan is a very special and holy month for all the Islamic community. The month of Ramadan teaches us a lot about our culture and heritage, how we can take it further through our following generations and the generations to come. This is also the month of bringing all the relations together and a step closer to Allah. Therefore, to share our happiness with our loved ones we share several pictures with beautiful Islamic quotes on life with them so as to double their happiness and make them feel how important they are in your life.

A wishing message or image containing a good Islamic quotes text can put life to that picture or message and the person at the other end will be delighted to know your feelings and your good wishes for them. If you are a student and living away from your family for studies, you should send Islamic quotes on love to them which would really make their day. Some good and beautiful quotes that one can share are as follows:

  • Allah will show you ways no matter how much difficult time you are going through.
  • Learn how to forgive people, it is Ramadan, it is the month of forgiving and favouring the needy.
  • Fasting in Ramadan opens for us a new path for achieving success and prosperity.
  • May Allah grant you all the happiness of life and fulfil all your desires.
  • Doctors heal you physically, but remembering Allah in Ramadan heals your soul with purity.

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How Do I Log out of Messenger on iPhone?

We have been blessed to have messenger service during this lockdown. Now when there is no way to interact with peers this social media handle has proved a boon, at least it keeps us busy somewhere. Now since we humans are social animals so we can’t keep interacting with one another and there has to be someone to talk to.

A Facebook messenger comes with no logout option, unlike all the apps you don’t have any way to log out of messenger on iPhone. It’s a great way to connect and share memories. In the given blog I will be mentioning the fact you may switch to solve this very common issue.

Here is a basic guideline on “how to sign out of messenger on iPhone” :

  1. Start by opening the settings in the iPhone.
  2. Then you will have to hit on the “apps and notifications“option.
  3. Then keep scrolling till you find the messenger application.
  4. Once you find the app hit on it and you will find the storage option there.
  5. After you found that hit on the option which reads out as “clear data and clear cache
  6. Hit on the messenger session and select “log out”.

This was a general insight on Facebook logout, give it a good read.


Why Yahoo Discontinued its Chat Rooms?

Chatting and socializing anonymously has become the modern trend these days since people love to chat with strangers along with the idea of solidarity. With the pandemic going on, it doesn't leave much to chance as people can only talk through video and voice chats.

Back in the day when everything was alright, the best way to talk to random people was the Yahoo chat room. If you are someone who grew up in the '90s, this must-have led you to a sweet trip down memory lane. The Yahoo chat rooms were quite popular ever since their inception in 1997.

After its immense success and popularity, Yahoo decided to launch the first-ever Yahoo pager that came with Yahoo chat as one of its features. In 1999, the name was changed to Yahoo messenger but the ride didn't last long as, in 2012, the company decided to take down the chat service, which is why the Yahoo chat rooms are closed today.

The company said that it wanted to promote other products and wanted to make space for the future growth of the company. There was hope for the die-hard fans of Yahoo chat room as Yahoo came back with a better version of the messenger in 2015.

This version was quite similar to the parent model and gained a huge fanbase in a short period. It was mainly because of the great features that included video calls, GIFs, voicemail, and Flickr support among other things.

But sadly for the fans, the joy was short-lived as soon after the company announced that they are shutting down the Yahoo messenger and that the users will be unable to access it even if the application is installed on their device. 

The users were given time till November 2018 so they can download their chats and bid farewell to this amazing service. Yahoo tried to survive in the messaging applications industry by bringing Yahoo together but it failed terribly and ultimately was shut down. 

The messaging app didn't survive the fall and there have been no new launches by the company in the messaging field ever since then.

For any further assistance, you can visit the onlinegeeks website to get answers to your queries.


Why Can't I See Attachments in Gmail on the iPhone?


The iPhone is the master phone, blessed with so many prime features which makes it completely different from the rest device. Now what if you try to open Gmail on your iPhone and it is not operational, then in that case here is a fix if Gmail won’t attach files. But before that, I will be mentioning the reason so as to get a clearer picture of the problem.


Now, this glitch is common everywhere, so even the iPhone can face the same issue wherein there will be an issue of iPhone Gmail to attach files from the drive. It mostly happens when the Flash is not updated, by using the latest version we can eliminate this issue. The latest version can be downloaded from the official website of Adobe.


Now after talking about the reason why it happened let’s mention the fix, if you wish to attach a Gmail file in your iPhone then initiate by hitting on the pen button. Hit on the little paperclip button and select the image you would want to add, be it your camera roll image or any screenshot you have had taken last night or even a download picture, anything can be uploaded. The same steps have to be repeated while attaching the documents. Before proceeding further make sure you have already attached and saved the file in the drive section. From the My drive section, you may easily find the file whosoever you need to upload.


Now what to do if the files you wish to attach are not in the documents/image form?


If the file isn’t in that format then the task might get a bit tricky, as it requires a lot of hard work while working on the same. The quickest and easiest way is simply by saving the file to Gmail directly. By the time you are downloading the file, hit on the add button and select the Gmail option, when you save the file, the Gmail service would create a message by itself which reads out as the file is ready and ready to be sent. Give this blog a good read and reach out to us onlinegeeks.


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How to fix YouTube Not Working on Smart TV


How to fix YouTube Not Working on Smart TV

Well, if YouTube is not working on TV and you are frustrated, then you should have a look at this short piece. The general instructions given here will help you in resolving the YouTube problems on your smart TV. 

Why is YouTube not Playing Videos?

Well, there could be a lot of reasons why YouTube is not working properly on your smart TV. And this could include the cache problem or some settings on your TV. 


Here is the list of things you should try to resolve the YouTube issue on your smart TV. 

Relaunch the App – Well, sometimes, the YouTube app on the smart TV itself does not launch properly and that is why you are getting this error. So, you should quit the app and then relaunch it the proper way. 

Clear the Cache – Cache of the TV could also be a reason why the YouTube app is not working properly. You should turn on the TV, then pull the plug from the wall directly without turning it off. Now, you have to hold the power button for at least 30 seconds to clear the cache. And then plug the TV back in to the wall socket and then turn it on to see if the issue is resolved. 

Default Settings – If the problem persists, then you should revert the smart TV settings to default. Sometimes, settings could also cause some apps to not work as they are intended to on a smart TV. 

I hope these will help you in resolving the YouTube issue on your smart TV.

Relaunch the App – Well, sometimes, the YouTube app on the smart TV itself does not launch properly and that is why you are getting this error. So, you should quit the app and then relaunch it the proper way. 

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Why Are My Gmail Emails Going to the Outbox and Not Sending?

At times, you get the error while sending a particular email through Gmail and the emails get stuck in the Outbox. If that has happened to you, then you are in the right place. 

Here are the things you can try if Gmail is not sending or receiving emails

1. First, you have to check the attachment size in the email, Gmail only allows a max of 25 MB in a single email.


2. You can also deselect enable Offline mode in the Gmail web app. Go to the settings and then click on the Offline Tab link. Now, deselect the Enable Offline Mode option if it is already selected.


3. You should also clear the cache of the browser you are using, open history on Chrome, and then click on the Clear Browsing Data button from the left panel.


4. If you are using the Gmail app, then you should clear the cache of the app as well.


5. For mobile users, having an updated app is necessary for it to function as it is intended. 


So, with the help of these steps, you will be able to resolve issues on Gmail. If you are unable to receive email in Gmail, then you should log on to Online Geeks technical blog. You will find all kinds of technical articles on the website to help you resolve the Gmail Issue.

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