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Why Can't I See Attachments in Gmail on the iPhone?


The iPhone is the master phone, blessed with so many prime features which makes it completely different from the rest device. Now what if you try to open Gmail on your iPhone and it is not operational, then in that case here is a fix if Gmail won’t attach files. But before that, I will be mentioning the reason so as to get a clearer picture of the problem.


Now, this glitch is common everywhere, so even the iPhone can face the same issue wherein there will be an issue of iPhone Gmail to attach files from the drive. It mostly happens when the Flash is not updated, by using the latest version we can eliminate this issue. The latest version can be downloaded from the official website of Adobe.


Now after talking about the reason why it happened let’s mention the fix, if you wish to attach a Gmail file in your iPhone then initiate by hitting on the pen button. Hit on the little paperclip button and select the image you would want to add, be it your camera roll image or any screenshot you have had taken last night or even a download picture, anything can be uploaded. The same steps have to be repeated while attaching the documents. Before proceeding further make sure you have already attached and saved the file in the drive section. From the My drive section, you may easily find the file whosoever you need to upload.


Now what to do if the files you wish to attach are not in the documents/image form?


If the file isn’t in that format then the task might get a bit tricky, as it requires a lot of hard work while working on the same. The quickest and easiest way is simply by saving the file to Gmail directly. By the time you are downloading the file, hit on the add button and select the Gmail option, when you save the file, the Gmail service would create a message by itself which reads out as the file is ready and ready to be sent. Give this blog a good read and reach out to us onlinegeeks.


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