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Why Yahoo Discontinued its Chat Rooms?

Chatting and socializing anonymously has become the modern trend these days since people love to chat with strangers along with the idea of solidarity. With the pandemic going on, it doesn't leave much to chance as people can only talk through video and voice chats.

Back in the day when everything was alright, the best way to talk to random people was the Yahoo chat room. If you are someone who grew up in the '90s, this must-have led you to a sweet trip down memory lane. The Yahoo chat rooms were quite popular ever since their inception in 1997.

After its immense success and popularity, Yahoo decided to launch the first-ever Yahoo pager that came with Yahoo chat as one of its features. In 1999, the name was changed to Yahoo messenger but the ride didn't last long as, in 2012, the company decided to take down the chat service, which is why the Yahoo chat rooms are closed today.

The company said that it wanted to promote other products and wanted to make space for the future growth of the company. There was hope for the die-hard fans of Yahoo chat room as Yahoo came back with a better version of the messenger in 2015.

This version was quite similar to the parent model and gained a huge fanbase in a short period. It was mainly because of the great features that included video calls, GIFs, voicemail, and Flickr support among other things.

But sadly for the fans, the joy was short-lived as soon after the company announced that they are shutting down the Yahoo messenger and that the users will be unable to access it even if the application is installed on their device. 

The users were given time till November 2018 so they can download their chats and bid farewell to this amazing service. Yahoo tried to survive in the messaging applications industry by bringing Yahoo together but it failed terribly and ultimately was shut down. 

The messaging app didn't survive the fall and there have been no new launches by the company in the messaging field ever since then.

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