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How Do I Create A Unique Username for Instagram?

Instagram accounts today are not just about socializing with friends and family, they are much more than that. The amount of work that people put in their account is meticulous and everything aspect of it is well designed. This ranges from the Instagram account name to every post that one puts out into the world and much more. However, this brings us to the importance that Instagram usernames hold in the social media world. It is the first thing that someone notices with the profile pictures of the Instagram account. So, everyone who is on Instagram needs to put in thoughts and creativity into these account usernames. So, if you are also looking for the best Instagram names to get followers this is the correct place for you. 


What things should we keep in mind to get a good username?

In this section, we will let you know about the things that one should keep in mind to make a good creative username. So, follow these things to get good usernames for Instagram.

  1. First, it has to come from your heart, just think about the things that you like and resonate with you, make them into a username.
  2. Characters from TV shows and movies that might describe your personality can be molded and brought into the usernames. 
  3. Instagram sometimes requires you to add numbers to your username. So, a unique username for Instagram could be made just with interesting use of numbers. 
  4. These are some of the best usernames that you could find online;
  • @CuddleBear
  • @DealLooser
  • @TwinkleWinkle
  • @25thAngel
  • @CastBound
  • @TwinButterfly
  • @AxmenWoman
  • @SandSay
  • @MrsPrincess
  • @BornedBond

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